Video Tutorial

We have a plugin available for free in the Bubble marketplace (link), and you can integrate it with your XLBackend account.

The plugin has an Element to be included in the page and a Data Call that can be used in workflows. We have the implementation of Action mode in our development roadmap.

The Element has also an event that is triggered when the model has been calculated, which can be used to control a spinner or any other action that needs to be taken after the calculation result is available.

See our Demo app here.

The integration is quite simple, you need install the plugin and add your key(from the xlbackend portal).

Then you choose between using the data call or the element in your app. Either way you will need to provide the name of the model, the input cells and values, and the output cells.

Finally you will use your output in the elements or workflow actions that you desire. Please check the Input and Output sections in this documentation.

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