In order to set the values of your models, you need to use the data dictionary structure of a json.

for example: { "Sheet1!A1": 10, "Sheet1!A2": 20}

This follows a set of paired key ("key" : value), the key is the cell address formed by sheet name and cell (Sheet1!A1), and the value is what you want to input to the cell. The key will always be inside quotes, since it is a string, the value will depend. If the value is a number, it will be passed without quotes, if it is a string or a date, it will be passed inside quotes.

Dates should be formated as "YYYY-MM-DD".

Multicell Input

The service accepts multicell input, and the structure should be: { "Sheet1!A1:A2": [10, 20]}, where the key is the range and values are in an one dimension array or list, inside brackets.

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